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What IS RED Nutrition / RED Meals?

RED Nutrition is our way of helping people reach their goals by eliminating problem areas in their diet. We heard people that had trouble losing weight, eating enough, finding time to eat right, finding time to cook or shop, and the list goes on and on. And so, we developed RED Meals as a true service, with monthly plans to fit your goals.

What does "meal prep as a service" mean?

Meal prep as a service means we provide consistency where a lot of people lack - in diet through meal plans and meal prep. Our plans are for filling in the gaps, or relieving stress of food, and reducing decision fatigue by taking care of some or all of your meals for as long as you need.

What is "decision fatigue"?

Decision fatigue is very common in our society - we have a lot of choices to make every day. What time to get up, what to eat, when to get to the gym, what project at work is most important, who will take the kids to their after school activity, do I get gas today or can I make it back home and back to town? Every decision weighs on us, and eventually leads us to making poor decisions, purely because we do not have the energy to make another good decision - and often times this is why diets fail, even with the best of intentions and capability.

Do I choose my meals?

Don't worry, we will take care of that! Through our interactions with people trying to reach goals, a common problem is figuring out what to eat. We take that worry and stress out of the process, essentially becoming a personal chef, giving you food you’ll love, without having to lift a finger, or think about what you want for dinner.

Can I get just one meal?

We believe consistency is key to reaching your goals, so we are a monthly service. This also allows us to keep costs down, since we know just how much to cook without waste. However, sometimes we make extra, so be on the lookout for sample meals by following our social media pages!

How often do I get my meals?

You get your meals delivered or picked up twice a week. This ensures that your food is as fresh as possible!

I don't want to eat the same thing every day.

Don’t worry! Our menu changes every 3 to 4 days, so you won’t get bored eating the same thing. We have so many menu items, you won’t see the same lunch or dinner for another 5 weeks!

Are the meals healthy?

Yes! Over the course of nearly a year, we perfected meals that are not only delicious, but deliver outstanding macro and micro nutrient profiles, especially when done with our 1500 calorie per day plan.

Do I have to eat three times a day?

Nope! You can eat the meals whenever you want! You can eat them however you like :)

Do you cater to dietary restrictions?

We do not. We have made a menu that works for most people, and have removed some of the most common allergens like dairy and egg. We know that some people may have additional restrictions, and we may bring on alternative menu items for those with conditions like gluten sensitivity, but we do not at the moment.

What does "plant based" mean?

Plant based means that we do not use animal products in our food. No meat, no eggs, no dairy, no shellfish. This means not only safer, easier to keep foods, but also making them healthier, too. Eating less meat has been shown to reduce cholesterol, and improve cardio vascular disease markers.

How do I pay?

We offer weekly and monthly payment options, credit card only.

What is the app for?

The app is for more than just ordering your food. Keep track of your orders, track and see when they will be delivered, be notified of any changes, and message the kitchen and delivery driver through the app.

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